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First blog post: Never Too Late

This is my very first post. I must admit, it certainly feels different and refreshing simply because of the vision I have in doing this. Growing up I was creative in writing; whether through short stories, poems, etc.. Yet as I got older and into high school/college I’ll admit, it kind of went dormant. But in certain times, I wrote many things that looking back I feel glad I did. Perhaps one day my old work may find themselves on here. But more recently, some of my friends, both old and new, have seen my way with words. They often tell me to not hinder, rather nurture, this ability. And for someone who’s entering a profession that tries to bring out the best in others, it’s time I did the same for myself.

So. . . a little bit about myself. Y’all ever hated those first day of classes where the professors had everyone talk about themselves? That’s sort of how I’m feeling, but anyways I’m Steven. Currently attending graduate school, and I’m nearly done with two semesters left! Love sports, concerts, roadtrips, and basically anything to do with adventure. In terms of what I had envisioned in doing this is two-sided. On the one side, I had basic things like discussing tv/movies/sports, things going on in my life, and perhaps “food for thought” kind of discussions. The other side is more on the business aspect.

Right now I am trying to get a business going on the side while I go to school and work. It’s not as hectic as it sounds; at least not yet. I’m trying to get an app developed, and am almost ready to spread the word on it (more on that another time). But it involves traveling, and I feel it will encourage many to use it as it will help themselves and others. What I hope this blog will assist me in is not just spreading the word, but also gaining valuable knowledge from those of you who have been through similar journeys. Any advice, wisdom, or words of encouragement I will humbly take. It’s still perhaps a month or so out from really beginning the process (writing for a patent is not fun!), but I cannot wait to get the ball rolling.

I could probably go on a bit more, but for now I’ll stop here. I will say this though, I am excited to see where this goes. As someone who thinks of himself as an old soul, doing something like blogging feels a little intimidating I admit. Yet the people I have met and seen in my life have taught me that it is never too late to do something. To quote Ted Mosby, “if you aren’t taking chances, then what the hell are you doing anyway?”.  I look forward to letting y’all know how things are going, and hopefully getting to know each of you. Take care

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