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Business & Grad School: Week 3

Seriously, thank goodness it’s finally the weekend! After getting my drag racing ticket earlier in the week, and reality hitting that I’m struggling with money, I really could use the weekend escape. I probably would be in a more comfortable situation, but lately I’ve been making purchases that I consider to be “future investments”. As in I bought tickets to events down the road now, so I have good seats and not worry come deadline. I also bought little items like books and things (one can never have too many good books!). But my safety net was taken away after that ticket and having to spend money to register for my certification exam; as if grad school already didn’t take enough money from us, right?!

I’ll live though, because my future investing always means my schedule is set and, when the time comes, it’s already paid for so the money earned in the future goes back into account. Let’s just say my schedule is set though up till October, and any free or cheap events I’ll be keeping my eye out for. That’s student life! Surviving until you finally get a full time job without paying for school books and classes. I don’t know if I would like to pursue a doctorate degree at this point, though before joining this program I did try to get into med school. A part of me will always be curious as to how life would’ve been had I gotten accepted there instead.

But so far classes seem oddly aligned in terms of assignments. Mainly 1-2 projects and two exams apiece; luckily they’re done in groups so I’m not too nervous. It feels refreshing, yet different heading into my final two semesters knowing the rest of the way won’t be as jam-packed in terms of schooling. In terms of priorities and what is in the front of my mind it’s no longer school then social, business, and work. Rather, it is now business and social, then work and school. I can’t say I’ve been doing well on the new first two, especially as now I had to deal with car repairs yesterday so I was unable to go floating on the river with friends. But I did celebrate two friends’ birthdays in which we had a totally Seinfeld moment where we spent literally 3 hours(!) waiting for our table. Long-story short, we took over the bar area and made it our table and had an amazing time there. By the end of the night, as the remaining class friends were getting ready to depart, they all mentioned “the end” of our journey through school and how we all need to try to stay in touch.

Now you all on here know from my previous post how I might feel about that; I type as I smile and roll my eyes. It doesn’t necessarily mean forever goodbye, and all it takes is effort to keep the bonds strong. But of course, life is strange and we all have things in life that can get in the way or we need to focus on immediately. So while they all talked about taking one big trip somewhere, I was silent knowing: this isn’t the complete end people, and perhaps I already had a trip in mind for myself after December. Again, going back to the wanderlust post, I mentioned chasing the desire to see the world. If I may be frank with you all, if I truly had the courage, I would right now pack a bag and just go. Just take time off and go hiking to who-knows-where. Kind of like the old Incredible Hulk tv show where Bruce Banner walks along the road to the sad piano music; except mine would be more upbeat I think. That’s how strong the lust is, and I’ve always had two dream locations of maybe living in one day: Chicago and Barcelona.

I’ll share more about those dream spots down the road, but I must get ready for a live performance tonight; I always love small venue music compared to big stadium ones. As for business, I’m still struggling finishing the patent write-up. The idea is to do this and the drawings myself for provisional, then once I’m ready to submit I can search for the super team I need to get it truly off the ground. Maybe not the most-sound way to do it, but money and other factors limit my full attention. Though if reality matches my instinct, in terms of how successful this app can become, my attention will most definitely shift fully on it. But I really must get this completed soon. I know some people go lazy on provisional, but I am treating this like it’s the real deal patent. If anyone has input on what kind of partners are needed for a team like mine, please share. Until next time, enjoy your weekend and Happy Father’s day.

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