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Grad School Senioritis

It’s Monday. About halfway through the summer semester. And here I am typing this while a Criminal Minds marathon plays behind me on tv. I really love that show.

Yes, I’m procrastinating. In grad school. With projects due in about a month. Do any of y’all relate? It’s like it is hard-wired in my brain to just put certain things off until the last minute. When I get to that point, my heart is like “WHY YOU DO THIS?!?!” and my brain is like “Challenge Accepted” or “Hold my beer”. In undergrad, I was bad compared to high school. My greatest achievement was a ten page paper that required much research on. I did it the night before, and I think I got an A- on it. Damn did that feel good. Scary. . . but good.

Now as I got older, my attention to doing things early and on time came around. When I first started this program I was on point. If I was in a group, I’d organize and get things done. Even papers I wasn’t excited for I’d still do early. That was Fall 2015-Fall 2016. Ever since January 2017, I was sort of in a daze and just doing things when I felt like it. Partly because many things went on in my personal life that really got in the way. It’s very important to do things you enjoy in times like these, and have friends to talk to. Self-care is truly important folks, and to survive college and grad school you need to take a breather once in a while. Remember that and don’t stress too much about that assignment. You’ll get it done and it’ll be good.

So from this past Spring heading into Summer semester, senioritis is in full-effect. Group projects I sort of take a back seat and let other people take the lead. I have at least three projects in my two classes that kind of coincide. My Monday afternoon class is literally just doctoral students presenting to the class, and my Thursday night class is sort of the same. I’m learning indeed, yet I’m ready to move on. Sadly, my patent process has been affected as well. Things have been picking up at my work, so I can’t do it there. At school, I’m doing bits and pieces of these projects. What I think will happen is once late July rolls in and these projects are turned in, I will finally finish the patent just in time for the next step of building my team.

The projects are not too hard, just time-consuming with all these group meetings and creating things to showcase yourself. I’m confident it will get done, but my mind is already looking to the next chapter. I still have Fall semester but that’s just part 2 of internship and that will be okay. With no homework in that course, and more free time with just taking one class I will really have time to focus on myself. That’s the part I’m looking forward to. All us students look forward to that; where we have no homework or assignments to do and just focus on ourselves. So while I try not to get too much into Criminal Minds tonight, just know in grad school senioritis still exists. Even if you’re better at doing things on time, that little bugger will pop up near the end of your time at school. Personally, it’s easier to combat than in undergrad but nevertheless I feel it. Just make sure to take care of yourself during school, make time to have fun, and do your work; even if it’s bit by bit over time. Waiting till last minute will be extra brutal if you do. Hang in there; you’ll reach the finish line soon with your peers and friends. . . and onto your next adventure.

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