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Graduate School Week 6: Unbalanced

So yesterday was my day in court finally; or at least I thought it would be. After turning in my possessions to pass through a metal detector, did I realize I forgot to put on a belt. Why is that important? Because this guy was stressed out from everything going on, including this ticket. As I went to the front desk to get more info about the process, she asked me how do I plead. I said no contest, because after much discussion with friends and family, I figured it’s best and that I wasn’t going to win.

Trust me, I was all ready to go Law & Order in the court; even if it meant being held in contempt and put in jail. Semi-serious because when you’re stressed and got a lot going on, sometimes a break from your self is needed. In jail. It makes sense. Plus you look like a badass when you tell your story of being put in jail for your strong belief in your innocence. But alas, I didn’t even see a judge, as the lady typed some more and sent me to pay my ticket. I get judges can be busy with other cases, but I thought I’d at least get a chance to explain my side. The law won, but unfairly and it makes me think how many of you out there have been through this. Right after those 5-10 minutes in court, I went to class.

Whether in college or graduate school, the rule applies always of pick 2: sleep, social, school. In some cases you have to add in work and personal projects. As I said in prior post, my app venture is currently sidelined until I can knock out these dang projects at school. It’s tough though in one class, because our professor doesn’t really give us guidance. The other class, the one I had after court, is a struggle in other factors. I truly cannot wait to make it to August, since I’ll have that break and then just taking one final class. Along with a little dating going on, and resurrecting a social life that took a hit this past spring, I do feel a burden on my shoulders developing.

As you’re reading this, I’m sure you are thinking things like: why not put dating on hold, social life isn’t going anywhere so focus on school, are you seriously committed to this app, and others. When it comes to dating, it’s sporadic honestly. I’m not one of those people who needs to be with someone, nor do I seek to find someone everytime I go out. Perhaps that’ll be a future post when it comes to dating, relationships, and people who like to be alone. As for social life, when it comes to grad school it’s important to think about this. For those pursuing a doctorate and that dang 4.0 GPA, more focus on school is a must. As for myself, I would have that 4.0 had a professor not given me a 88.75. So although I’m not throwing in the towel, I’m not really focusing too much on school. This contradicts the part about the app, right?

Well again, these projects really are in the way and they are worth pretty much all the grades. So although I don’t have to make them “perfect A’s”, I cannot just BS them either. This ties into social in that with everyone approaching the finish line in our cohort, some of us will lose touch with one another. None more true than a particular classmate of mine, but that’s another story; a long-as-hell story. And in life, there comes points in life where you are given moments that you must prioritize. Is getting that budget report done on time worth it to missing your first child walk? Or your loved one’s big performance coming up in the way of your Superbowl party? Bad examples, I know, but you kind of get the point. Rather than be locked up trying so hard to get A’s, I’m still learning, but I’m also making time to connect with others; my friends. And I am having amazing times, and that’s what life is. For Fourth of July, my friends and I hosted a pool party which was super fun. I got to meet new classmates I have never met before, and reconnected with some old ones. We all plan to get together again soon, and it’s great even though we all could’ve been doing schoolwork on our day off. Life will have crappy times, for sure, but there are also amazing times if you reach out and grab them. I’d rather live in a life of “oh wells” than one full of “what ifs”.

Work has been hectic of late because of coworker vacations, and injuries which led me to take more hours. School will be hectic with deadlines approaching by month’s end. But I’ll pull through, as will you with whatever you’re going through. And I’ll try my best to be more active on here, but hopefully y’all understand if I’m away for more than a few days. Again, take those breaks and have fun. Go out with friends or whomever, and just enjoy the company and laugh. If I got this, you got this. . . We got this.

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