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To those who Dream

So Friday night, I went out with a friend downtown to see La La Land out in a pavilion. I really love that movie as it kind of resembles my life. Then again, I say that for many movies as I’m sure you do as well, right? But the tale of chasing your dreams while also accepting the reality that is, is one that I connected with when I first saw it back in January.

I’ve yet to go to a drive-in theater, but it was fun seeing fellow outdoor-movie lovers who relate. For those who have seen the film I won’t lie a part of me thought, “what if somewhere in this crowd Mia is here”. We’ll never know. But anyways, I love the ending albeit is a sad ending. How even though it didn’t work out for Sebastian and Mia, that smile and nod they gave at the very end said it all: No matter what, they always loved and cared for each other, and support whatever they do in life.

See, to make a dream come true requires effort. Effort takes time. Time requires sacrifice. Whether big or small, if you want a dream to come true you have to make choices. I have many dreams; one big dream of mine is to open up a fancy restaurant that feels like the 1930’s big band times. If you’ve seen the Rocketeer, you’ll know what I mean exactly. We’ll run into setbacks and progress we weren’t expecting, and maybe the end result isn’t what we thought it’d be. But the journey to the end is what is the beauty. See, no one knew if Sebastian and Mia wouldn’t work out in the end. Yet we all enjoyed the time they did spend together, and even the “what could’ve been” at the end. You will never know what can happen if you don’t take a chance.

Whether it is a job opportunity, travel chance, a potential relationship, or whatever else it may be, we take a flyer on it, learn from it and maybe it’ll grow. If not, then we reflect and take that experience with us. People may doubt us, laugh, or just not be there for us, but don’t let that get to you. Hang in there. I’ve had those nights where I’ve curled up in a ball wondering if things will turn out okay. They do. Just keep your head up, know you’re not alone, and find your happiness while. Again, the end may not be how we thought it to be, but the journey will be memorable and damn our City of Stars will still be beautiful to us.

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