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Graduate School Week 9: Looking ahead

Although I have projects due in a week, and two final exams to prep for, this week has been one of the more thought-provoking ones I’ve had on the mind in quite some time. Not mainly because of schoolwork, but life events happening and about to happen. And the stress acne has happened as well, which I’m not too thrilled about. As I mentioned before, when you’re in grad school, it becomes tougher to juggle what is important to you. Priorities are placed, and at times you have to look ahead. That’s been me this week. My boss and coworkers are all back from injury and vacations, respectively. Though another coworker is out on his trip, we have enough bodies to allow me to resume my normal working hours. The extra money will be nice, but it was quite the hectic two weeks. I’m starting to resume my duties at my internship site; prepping for seeing clients again in the Fall. Right now, I’m “volunteering” until I can officially begin again around mid-August. It’ll be different, yet hopefully relaxing to only take one class in my upcoming final semester; especially since it’s every other week.

I may have mentioned dating before in another post. . . I think I’ll take a break until later on in the Fall, so I can focus on these projects. If it’s not one gal ghosting on you, it’s another demanding your attention nearly every hour of every day. I tell ya, sometimes being an old soul in this modern era can suck at times; especially in this department. Back to what I was saying though, if you’re nearing the end of undergrad or in the midst of grad school, much of what you hope to have planned will probably get hit by curveballs. Unexpected car accidents, payments, family crises, etc. that I hope doesn’t happen to you, but things happen to us everyday. That and the ability to stay hungry and focused can wane as we approach the end of one chapter. We’re eager for change, yet for some you can see them fall complacent in their life; even if you feel like they don’t enjoy where they are right now. Doubt can also arise about your future; especially career-wise. Yet I feel like it’s more of a Western society way of thinking, because I get the feeling for those of you living in Europe and other countries it’s not as much of a stress as we may make it here. Side note: when I see what countries you fellow readers are from, I may have a goofy grin on my face because it’s really cool to connect with people from all parts of the world.

Basically, you have to brace for the unexpected; if not expect the unexpected (Big Brother fans anyone?). But stay persistent. Make sure you have that support by you in case you need it, and take a break once in awhile to relax and enjoy yourself. I may have said this before, but even though grad school/etc. can be a hectic few years take the time to enjoy it and make memories during. These two projects I have due will get done, and the final will be online so I’m not as stressed about that. But this has also been a week of appreciation, where some friends and I reflected about the journey we’ve been on and how glad we are to have met. See, some of them will be officially done in two weeks with this program. I hope we’ll try our best to stay in touch, but in life who knows, right? This especially pertains to one near and dear to me. However, we’re at different points in our lives right now, and communication hasn’t always been a strength. She’ll be done with graduate school in two weeks, and I truly don’t know how life will go afterwards. But what I’ve done since I started the program, as should you all out there, is just have fun in moment. Because life can be unexpected, and you never know who you will run into and who will leave. The future is uncertain, but above all enjoy every moment good and bad. The good are the memories worth keeping, and the bad are the ones that do the teaching. And to quote the movie Gifted, “one way or another we all end up back together in the end”. . .

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