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Graduate School Week 11: Serenity

We made it. I did it. Project week is over. On Monday, two of my three projects were due including a presentation. There was a group project and a individual project. We were thrown a curveball for the group one, as we prepped to present for 10 minutes when it was completely changed as if we were now on an episode of Shark Tank. I love that show so much by the way. Anyways we did well for the quick change, and my solo project was the same too.

Then my focus turned to today’s class work. Or at least I initially thought it would, as I ended up doing the rest of the exam for Monday’s class instead. I completely knocked out my Monday course that night and into Tuesday; all the while dealing with a headache of sorts. Now I had this 6-8 page report to finish in like a day and a half when I did so little to start. Yet I wasn’t panicked about it, for Tuesday and last night as I went into it, I noticed it wasn’t so hard. Turned it in last night, and now I have decided to “take the night off” from class. I feel I earned it, don’t you think? As good a student as I may seem, I’m not opposed to taking a night off if you need it.

All that remains is an online exam. I have a week to do it once it opens up, and I have two options. Either take it sometime before Sunday to get it out of the way, or wait till Sunday to do it in a group. Why not the group, you ask? To be honest, it’s a long, long story that I’m not sure I’ll dive into but it’s nothing negative. Sometimes saying goodbye can be tough. Regardless, after this weekend I will be free from this semester! So much has happened, even though on paper it may not look like it. In looking at past posts, it might show I have/had a lot on my mind. But now that one chapter is nearing it’s close, and a new one beginning, I feel like I can cast away any burdens I felt I had on my shoulders. This includes school (just 1 class left), socially, and personally.

I can feel changes are coming, despite still having one semester left. My final semester will be with some of my favorite people I’m glad I met though, and I couldn’t ask for a more appropriate way to end my time there. I still drive the same 2002 beat-up SUV, still in the same good job, still living in my hometown, and still feeling on my own per se. Yet come next Sunday night/Monday morning, I feel like I will find myself again and chase what’s important to me. Priorities and effort. And yes, I will finally get back to my app project come this weekend/next week; it’s time to finish this dream I started. I’ve always lived on Hope, while many others are on Happiness. Yet whatever unknown is on the way not only has me hopeful, but excited that everything I have done/been through so far will finally pay off. . . We all go through storms. Choices. But in the end, what we learn and find after is something beautiful and worthwhile.

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