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Do you remember me saying how sometimes life throws curveballs at your plans? That was sort of how my summer semester ended. I ended up not meeting with my group, and friend in particular, as plans fell through. I didn’t mind, as the final exam was relatively easy, but it was the failure to get to say some sort of “best of luck” spiel to that friend that stuck with me. See the reason I said in my last post that it’s a long story, is that this is one of those people you meet in your life that you simply “click” with. You walked similar paths, don’t need to fill the air with small talk BS, share many interests, and just comfortable around each other. Like you’ve known each other for years. My classmates certainly saw the chemistry, but it was never like that; even though we may have thought about it. In another life, if things were different, we probably would be together but I always simply enjoyed her company and the little moments had. Best comparison would be like Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet’s relationship. However, in my case, she wasn’t the best at communicating in general, nor at inviting to hang out compared to my other female friends. In any kind of relationship, it’s a two-way street and communication is key. If you find yourself contributing nearly everything while the other so little, it’s okay to say I deserve better; even when it comes to friends. Appreciate the people you do have in your life, and don’t be afraid to go out and meet new people; even if it’s just on an acquiantance level. I’m sure I sound like a broken record saying that!

So, now I’m off for two weeks until my final semester. And guess what waited for me. . . my defensive driving course!! I cannot wait (insert sarcasm). Sunday night, I took my best friend to see Maria Bamford who was very funny, as well as the other two comedians before her. And I agree with what she said about how it’s okay to be “good”, but sometimes it’s okay to try new things that are out of your comfort zone even if it doesn’t look “safe”. You’ll never know if you don’t try. The comics also reminded me how women can struggle in the dating scene. I’m really thinking of being a dating consultant; I think that would be something fun and great to try. Lately I’ve been talking to friends a little about moving, and they seem encouraging. I truly feel by year’s end, I plan on finding a new place to reside. Where? I don’t know. If it’s far away from my hometown, will I miss all my friends here? Certainly. But as I said before when I first started this blog, is that sometimes you got to do things on your own. Focus on you, and if people tag along then great! Everyone new has their own stories, quirks and unique takes on life; go out and meet them. Have as much fun as you can in life. Another new chapter has begun for me, and it started Monday morning with heavy rain. But after the storm comes what we all can have, and what I found after these crazy past few months: freedom to go out and move on in life. . .

Pre-show to Maria Bamford. Up-close seats!

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