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Defensive driving is such a time-killer! I finished it last week, now awaiting for the certificate to come in the mail. I know I’ve been slacking again on here, but with students arriving again (I work at a University) it was very hectic this week. We moved our entire office across campus to set up for our freshman registration event. Hundreds of students coming in to get their accounts set up. I survived.

That is how my breaks from school usually go though: I get no breaks. Since I was young, I never really had a holiday break because I had to work to help pay for things including school. Oh how I was jealous of my friends getting to travel and have fun on their breaks. I could if I really wanted to, but I don’t want to take like a 3-day break from work and responsibility; I want weeks. To those who relate about always grinding to get through life, we know our time for fun will come. Hang in there. A once-in-a-while roadtrip won’t hurt, but to travel or do that activity you always dreamt of doing, it will happen.

I have had talks recently with friends about traveling, and my inner desire to move away. Because of my career-path, I won’t be able to move to Colorado or Illinois for at least the next two years since I need to do my internship in state. I could move to Europe like a part of me wants to, but I need to see how the dominoes fall in the coming months. I hope that once I graduate I will be able to take a much-needed break and travel somewhere. I believe I mentioned in a prior post I wish to live in Spain like Barcelona. My heart goes out to those who were affected. . .

Yet I will admit I still am trying to overcome the fear of going alone; the irony being I grew up mostly feeling alone. I usually do things alone, because either my friends are busy or they are not open to try something different. It is not necessarily needing someone to be with me on the trip. They can do whatever they wish once we are in a new town, but I guess it’s the companionship while on the travel and having a familiar face nearby is what I wish to have. If that makes sense. See in the coming months, I will have big decisions to make. I might get a full time offer where I work, which will certainly have its benefits. But I’m not sure the pay will be sufficient years from now. If I stay in the field I am studying, I will have to intern and I may intern in a new town if I can find one I like. Or I may pack a bag, and move somewhere like to Europe and maybe teach english. Who knows, but I won’t know until a few months from now.

Classes start in just 3 days, and I still do not know who my professor is. What better way to start my final semester than to throw me another curveball; I love it. Expect the unexpected. With school starting where I work, I can now approach the business faculty whom I hope can help me with my app idea. I have not started writing stories yet either, but I did stumble upon an amazing app. It is called Tandem and it is a language-learning app. But what makes it amazing is that you talk to people from around the world, like I do with you fellow readers. I have had amazing chats with people from France, Spain, Italy, Colombia, Brazil, etc. It is so incredible learning about them and their culture, and talking about traveling. Making friends around the world, and seeing wonderful places; that’s the dream. Explore. If you all can give the app a try, please do it is awesome. I will certainly work harder to post on here more consistently. Till then, take care of yourselves out there

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