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Ava Rice

Born between two worlds

Hands covered in blueberries

Shoes white as the clouds

Father taught her hard work and persistence

Mother taught her survival and knowledge


Conceived in light, raised in dark

Ava grew up in a fractured home

Alone amongst many

She knew how to blend in

She took what she saw and strived to be good

Helping others and bringing people together

Hoping history wouldn’t repeat itself

Praying others never can relate


Things change over time however

As she got older, she felt it

All the good, little appreciation

Wanting change, nowhere to go

So much passion, what unfortunate luck

We was becoming ME

Blood truly is thicker than water


To build an empire takes time

For now she only had a dime

But raised to get hands dirty

While still looking clean

Ava turned her heels

Embrace the demons unseen


Using all that she knows

Malevolence chased what she wanted

How long can one stay good

How long till one comes back

Believe it’s just one life to live

Only being rich and powerful matter

Ava Rice, compassion forever shatter.

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