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Final Semester – Night 2: Happenstance

Two weeks after the first night of class, last night’s was fun once again. I am truly glad to have a unique bunch for my final semester. Internship has been going well, as clients are slowly starting to arrive. My friend that interns with me, though annoying at times, has been fun company along the way. Lot of deep conversations of what is to come. As we do public events to spread word, it has been great getting people to open up and talk. And showing them what is out there if they want it. So last night’s class, we mainly just talked about what led us to where we are today; why we chose this program. Everyone talked, but I was around the middle before I was “volunteered” to speak; thanks to another friend. It’s not that I don’t like going first or last, or even sitting at the front or back of the classroom. I know my personality, as I like to think of it as the best of both worlds. I can be the funny, initiative, take-center-stage type of person, or I can be the more reserved, easygoing, let-others-have-a-say first type of guy. It all depends on my mood and environment. No one likes a smart-ass or the person that demands attention, so I typically hang back unless I want to get my part finished. It was interesting telling my path to the program, as hearing my own story out loud made me feel sentimental. It made me think how life can sometimes lead you where you didn’t expect to go, yet it can turn out okay in the end. I certainly have many options ahead of me to pick from. We are never really locked into one path; make the most of the opportunities given to you. Well. . . it certainly has been an interesting two years in the program to say the least, and I learned more about what & who is really important in my life. It’s Thursday, the day after class, and here I am ready for football and looking to buy tickets to see Lindsey Stirling this Fall. Enjoying life where I am, because who knows what’s around the corner. . .

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