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In the Moonlight

In the day

We are all just ordinary people

Innocent, going about our lives

Friendly, with good intent

But by night

many become extra-ordinary


When a certain moon rises

The good man struggles

The internal battle of many

To be what we don’t embrace

For some, they don’t fight

They gladly will accept

Both in mind and Body

They love the lunar glow


For when the moonlight shines

The wolfbane blooms

Tempting the decent man

Into licentious doom

Can he resist

Biology will persist


The night is always young

And the moon so bright

What’s wrong with some fun

By morning we’re ordinary, alright

Years of bad luck can lead to this

Giving in to the promiscuous kiss


Should he change now

He may never come back

Years could pass for the wolf

Until the person gets back on track

Does everyone go through this

Where is his partner and her bliss


As the moon rises for the noir

Even mortal saints can sin

And so he falls to his fours

Finally embracing what lies within. . .

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