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. . . Big Time Opportunity

Another night, another gig

This is the life, for now

New adventures, different places

Seeing new strangers, seeing old friends

Doing what I enjoy, so peaceful

and enlightening for everyone


I’ve been singing for several years now

At first it was scary

But now it’s all I can see myself doing

Will I make it big, who knows

I’m just enjoying the memories

And there certainly have been many along the way


At times it can be frustrating

Wondering how long until I get the call

To perform on the big stage

I’ve been doing small venues for so long

Can I do that forever?

Then again small time is big in another way


There’s something special about small venues

So intimate and personal compared to big stage

I can see the faces like the ones here at Liberty

I love this cute little place

I love my hometown

Yet sometimes change is necessary


I’m not as young anymore

My parents and friends are wondering

When will I find someone

It’s difficult to date as I sing about passion

Even harder to find a decent guy

There certainly are handsome ones here tonight


But they never approach me

No one thinks a singer has time to date

But I do since I’m only small time

I do dream of settling down

Having a family and all that jazz

Maybe I should sing jazz tonight

Anyways one can dream, right


My set is done after this last song

I can’t wait to finally eat and greet these people

Knowing in some way I helped them

Getting to hear their stories and dreams

And so I finished my song with ease

Ready to enjoy the night

When a handsome gentleman approached

Telling me, “Great show tonight”. . .

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