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Small Time Singer . . .

As my friend and I sat in our seats at the Liberty Bar

We talked and had laughs

Catching up and future paths

Enjoying the cool, breezy Sunday night

In the classic home, now turned restaurant


Dozens of photos hanging on the walls

Memories of other people happy

Floor and chairs made of wood

That cozy feeling they provide

And as we ordered our food

Along came the singer ready for her night


Ever since I was younger

I’ve always been attracted to such women

The way their soulful vocals resonate

How enigmatic they are in their performance

What goes on in their mind?


They sing so well yet here they are

Did they dream of making it big

Or is this where they enjoy it most

I wish I knew the answer

Perhaps I will tonight

As I gaze upon a fellow local

Singing with her heart


With such voice and beauty

How can she be single

She seems so compassionate

Truly one of a kind

Even though it’s been years since the last

I’ve known what I looked for in my mind


Good things come for patience

But effort is still needed in the moment

She just finished her performance

My moment is now

It’s time to take a chance

If she says no, I tried

So continues searching-love’s dance

As I walk up to her, she smiles humbly

And then I start, “Great show tonight”. . .



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