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Final Semester – Night 4: Rain

It’s a rainy Wednesday morning, and I feel tired. I don’t have many assignments this last semester, but they really come up quick on you. I’ve spent this past weekend typing a very time-consuming paper, but I finally got it done. I’ll have to do another one early November, but with the NCE out of the way around that time hopefully it won’t be so compacted then. I registered for the exam, and luckily have three additional weeks to study for it.

The only going-out I’ve done was volleyball, which I’ve gotten so much better since the start! Monday night we won both games, and qualified for playoffs. I nearly costed the game in one of them, but we survived and won. Yet the feeling of almost letting down my teammates stuck in that moment. On a broader scope, many of us care for other people no matter how close we may be. And when we see others not in a good place, or we disappoint them, it’s a crappy feeling. You want to check in on them that they’re okay, and you want to shake off failing. But it’s hard to simply get over things. Everything takes time, and another opportunity. For me, it came right after playing defense to seal the win and I felt better afterwards ready to not make the same mistake.

For others who are not doing okay, or disappointed in themselves, just checking that they are alright can go a long way. Having support in any capacity is better than none. Internship has been busy of late, but I’m glad to be getting good hours. This paper is done, and I won’t have to worry till another month. I just need to study for this exam, but I now have some time to relax and have fun again. It’s nearly the midway point of the semester, and class is cancelled tonight. It’s raining, and it’s fitting. Rinse away your past mistakes, disappointments and worries, get up, because the sun will shine through soon enough. . . and a new opportunity will arise.


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