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Final Semester – Night 6: Midway

Yes, I skipped night 5 to night 6. Two weeks ago, our professor had a heart issue that needed to be resolved. She is doing good now, and so last night everyone came back for class. A month away from each other certainly felt like a long time. It was great seeing those familiar faces. But we made it past the midterm portion of school!

And honestly this week has not been kind to me as certain family matters arose which put many of us through stress. For me, the pressure to be successful just amplified. I know some of the pressure is put on me when I should focus on what I want to do, but at the same time you also want to do good for your family and future family as well. But anyways, that and other thoughts have been on my mind of late.

As for class last night, I finally got a presentation out of the way which was a huge relief. All I have left is a second recording and my portfolio to do, and then I’m finally free. I should be around 80 hours out of 120 hours needed at internship, so I’m on pace to finish around mid-November. Still need to study for my big exam, which I hope to do this weekend and going forward. Though with softball starting this Sunday, and other concerts coming up, it will be tough balancing time.

As I said before, expect curveballs in your life. It’s what you do with them that defines you. I’m done striking out, and with change on the horizon, it’s time to start hitting some home runs. . .

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