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Final Semester: Night 7 – Spooky Times

It certainly has been an interesting two weeks since last update. Monday of last week, one of my family member’s made a very poor choice and it nearly impacted all of us. It just made me think how even they can make such a choice, and how I almost made the same choice not too long ago. What exactly am I capable of? It really put a lot of pressure on me too, as now I feel responsible to be “successful” even more for my family. There are not many good folks in my family, and that adds self-pressure to try and do more good; try not to slip up and be bad/mischievous even if I felt like it for a little bit. Perhaps that’s a topic for another day as well: Where do we draw the line between good and bad in life? Can we stay good most of our lives, or must we all go through a phase to “get it out of our system”?

With volleyball over, softball has started and I got to play in the 2nd game. I didn’t strike out, and did fairly well considering of all the sports, baseball/softball is one I rarely play. It’s only for 5 weeks though, so it will be over before we know it. I’ve been battling stuffy and runny nose with the colder weather rolling in. Boy am I sure glad though winter weather is finally here again!! My birthday, graduation, Thanksgiving, Christmas, all that holiday things that bring warmth and closeness is what I love. Ironically, it is also the worst time of year for me as it’s a time where friends are off on vacation or with family, and my family is scattered and fractured so I’m usually on my own and working. We adapt in our own unique ways, but I always look forward to that time of year.

This coming two weeks are the most-stressful of the semester with the final assignment of the two big ones due next week, and my national exam I have in about two weeks. I REALLY need to focus on those, so apologies if I go quiet again on here. I do have great things coming on here, so hang on! Anyways, Halloween has come and gone, and as I talk more and more to my international friends it’s again amazing how connected we are even if we are worlds/languages/cultures apart. Why must we live so far away? And why must travelling be so damn expensive?! Wish me luck folks, these next few weeks will be stressful. I’ll survive of course, and the first domino will officially lead the way for what’s next. . .

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