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Final Semester – Night 8: Expect the Unexpected

This post comes a week early, because the professor decided to switch weeks so we have class this week and not next. We are hoping to not have class the day before Thanksgiving, otherwise I might just skip. I mean, c’mon seriously?! Anyways but now tonight the professor won’t be there due to heart issues. Yet us students will still be in class. With no teacher. Sitting and listening to others present their cases. Expect many to not show up, and hopefully we rush through it. But that’s just a snippet of how it’s been since my last post.

Did I forget to mention someone at my internship was let go? I can’t go into full detail, because you never know who reads this (!), but I will say ethics nowadays are so important to follow. Myself and my friend at internship were tested on this last Monday when a poetry group member invited us to her birthday party. We wanted to go, but ethically we weren’t supposed to. It’s tough in this blurred-lines world of ours in knowing what is okay and what isn’t; and I’m not just talking about professional relationships. We can go out to places and run into clients, but can’t hang out and share a drink like we’re best friends. I can’t wait to graduate folks! Daylight Savings has past, and we are supposed to be an hour back, but I swear I feel like I sleep less now trying to adjust to the time change. Thank goodness the cold weather is here at least, I needed this weather change as well. Season of change has just begun.

I finally finished my last major paper of grad school, so all that is left is my portfolio (basically finished back in spring) and a supervisor evaluation (easy). Basically, I’m done!!! But right now, the stress is on my national exam next Tuesday that I’m not fully ready for. From now till 1:00PM on 11/14/17 I hope to be studying like crazy. But in this crazy thing called life, we never know what the hell can happen one day, in one hour or even the next minute. Just try your best to make it through it, have positive people to be there in case, and enjoy or learn from it. After next Tuesday, much of the stress will go away, and the biggest domino will fall in letting me know what I will do next after graduation. If I pass, then I’ll start looking for jobs. If I fail, try again next year, but in the meantime keep working part-time and focusing on myself and having fun. I’m still trying to plan a trip somewhere in this world, but I don’t know where (or who) to see first. And I still have the app (I never forgot about it!!), and my book to tend to. I have a lot to do, and I love it! But I think going forward I can’t do this alone always. I need a team. . . or at least a partner to lean on in times of need.

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