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An Uptown Girl. . .

Another Friday night out with my girlfriends

Having a fun time, enjoying our drinks

This evening is young, and so are we

We lost a few of us to relationships

Others to families and having babies

All so cute, but I don’t have time for that


I’m in school studying business

I can’t wait to make my own money

See the world and taking selfies

Let me take one now as I sip my wine

Adulting is just so hard we need this break

Who do we have here tonight


Several cute guys here at the bar

That one over there keeps looking at me

My radar is going off, “a-hole” alert

Why are there so many of them in this world

Maybe I should find a foreign guy

I could use some strange in my life

What about this busboy here cleaning tables


Yeah right

He is very handsome but he’s not amounting to much

I don’t mean to sound shallow

It’s just his potential doesn’t look bright

That’s what people look at nowadays

I have to make sure my life is safe

He might be fun for a night, who knows


I could live this life forever honestly

Drinking wine, going out dancing

Meeting new people and and having fun

Maybe one day I’ll have a family

Just one kid though, one is enough

At times I do wish I had a travel companion

Someone to talk to and lay beside


It can’t be me, could it?

One jerk said I have a cold personality

But my friends would say otherwise

Then again I haven’t seen them in a while

I’ve never done well dating

Maybe it is me

Am I too spoiled, do I go out too much?


No I need to stop that, I’m great

Enjoy the night, your family loves you

Chat with the gals, you’ll find someone soon

Here comes a guy, he doesn’t look too much of a jerk

Appears fancy and brought me a drink, now we’re talking

Alright let the courting begin, sorry busboy

You’ll just have to keep dreaming. . .

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