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. . . and a Poor Fella

Another Friday night at the bar

Here I am working a late shift again

While everyone here enjoys their evening

I’m wiping the tables and cleaning dishes

But I do what I can to pay for school

I’m nearly about to graduate and start residency


My family grew up poor, but I strive for more

We’ve been through tough times, and it inspires me

I was raised to be kind to others and help when I can

So I’m studying to be a doctor as it’s been my dream

To make dreams come true though takes sacrifice

All I do is study, work and help my family

No one knows what we go through


Helping my brother fight his demons

Telling my sister to repair her life for her child

Encouraging my father to see the positives

And giving my mother hope that we’ll succeed

Even though I don’t go out much

I’m so grateful my friends understand

It’s not just what we do in the moment

But also what moments are on the way


Sometimes I wish women would see that

Take this party of women here for example

I see them leering my way at times

Especially that one with a full wine glass

I know what they would rather have

That’s all they seem to want from me

Ever since I was back in high school

Rarely is it for my intellect unless in class


But I’m not that kind of man

I’m not just meat to enjoy for the night

I’ve always preferred to have a connection

It’s way more fun when that is involved

That doesn’t mean I don’t know how to be rough

Yet as these women glance debating about me

Little do they know what I hope to be one day


Trysts and parties never were priorities

Family, friends, travel is what I value

One day I will find an amazing woman

Even if it takes me till I’m in my fifties

Patience and effort can bring many wonders

None greater than her and perhaps a family

But I’m talking nonsense, I need to work now


And so another few hours till I go home

Study a little bit for my exam before sleeping

Then perhaps see some friends this weekend

Life is okay now and the grind will pay off

To the lady with the glass of wine, you’ll see

I know that look, as if I’m not worth your time

Maybe it’s the other way around, you’ll never know

How I’m about to make my dreams come true. . .


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