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Final Semester – Night 9: Almost Midnight

Last week was my national exam. Based initially on my two friend’s scores, I felt I did not pass; a part of me still feels that way. But after looking into the average scores that pass, I feel like perhaps I have a better chance than I thought. Still, even if I passed, my internship may not begin for another few months for everything to get processed. And so, I have already applied for more part-time jobs: one at a college as an advisor and the other at a hospital scheduling surgeries. Both are not just to pass time, but get experience; especially the hospital one. I’m liking the university setting, and wouldn’t mind a career there, but I’ve always dreamed of working in a hospital.

The hustle and bustle, the people coming and going, happiness and sorrow, fun and drama, it is all there! Were it not for organic chemistry, life may have been different for me. But the idea of working there, and setting up appointments for surgeries, talking to doctors and other staff, it honestly excites me. I need to brush up on my medical terminology; putting that biology minor to use finally. I love science, and perhaps one day I may get a chance to have a career in the hospital setting; first I need to get my foot in the door. This is all while I await for the test results in the coming weeks.

So tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and once again it will be a small meal as my friends are busy and my family is small. And tonight I have class. . . the day before. My professor appears to be doing well, but I had hoped we wouldn’t have class tonight. We have to turn in our portfolios tonight, and after that it will be practically over. I just need one last supervisor evaluation, which will be easy, and I officially end my time in graduate school. The clock is about to strike 12:00, and now more than ever is it setting in that I’m almost done. No more homework, assignments, projects, classes, and things of that sort. The next chapter is drawing near, and I wonder who will stay and who will appear next. What jobs will come and what travels will be planned. As I take this little moment during the holidays to finally relax again, I know I have projects on my plate I can turn to again. It’s almost midnight, and I think I can finally make peace with the last 2 years. Come midnight, I can’t wait to start the new day, a new chapter. . .

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