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Pass It Down

As he walked down the halls of his old schools

He passes by his old yearbook photo on the wall

He wished he could’ve told his younger self

Of what to expect in all these years

Of how the bullies would severely crack him

His interests, his weight, his kindness

All and more would be teased

How being at home was not even safe

How he would have no one to talk to

Not his friends, nor his siblings, not even his parents

So close, so very close, yet he made it here


As he walked through his town by himself

He sees people having fun and enjoying the sun

He wished he could say to younger self

How most days will be cloudy

Enjoy what little happy times you have

There won’t be many as you age

For most of your days will be working and schooling

While everyone else travels and lives it up

But at least you’ll inherit maturity and preparation for older years

This town has changed and so will people come and go

Ever so closer he can feel it try


As he walked in his home

And stumbled upon photos of him at merely 5 years old

He wish he could protect him from it all

Tell him it is okay you are not alone anymore

But he knows he’s not the only one out there

For many innocents around the world fall deep in the dark

For him, solitude and survival will be his life’s themes

Close off the world from getting in even the friendly faces

Not to be mean but to protect himself from falling again

He may look cold, but that internal fire still shines even if barely


Yet here he is today as a young adult

Still going through life searching on his own

Accepting that it’s best this way for good

Sorry young-self but that other life isn’t meant

But that kindness and positivity that he possesses

Can still be used to save and help others in need

Lead them and guide them to be strong and better

No one was there in the past, but now is different


Still he wishes someone was there for him

To tell him today that everything will be okay

And as he reflects wanting to help this child

He felt something on his shoulder

An aged hand with a ring on it

It looked just like his hand but weathered from years

And then a whisper followed this spirit saying,

“Do not worry anymore. Life turned out great for us in the end. . .”



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