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Few days from Graduation

So mini life-update, I still have not heard back on whether I passed my national exam or not. It’s frustrating, but I can’t complain since things are going okay in life. I applied here-and-there to other jobs that perhaps will give me new experiences. But I also decided that I will go back to school to take three science classes; at least if I pass the first one. See, in my undergraduate I had a minor in Biology because I can be a science nerd at times. Organic chemistry kicked my ass when I was about 20-21, but now 5-6 years later I feel more prepared and driven. For I decided that, if I take just 3 more classes, I will try to get into medical school.

Remember I once said that I could never see myself in just one career. I can imagine life in many jobs: fire fighter, police officer, physical therapist, surgeon, therapist, sports radio, etc.. I’ll still pursue what I’m getting my diploma in, but that shouldn’t stop one from exploring what else is out there. We never end up where we thought we’d be, and sometimes it’s not good while other times it is. Life’s about chances. So this spring, I will try and pass O-Chem 1, and if I do well then I’ll take another class. Then another, and then the MCAT and go from there. But along the way next year, I’ll still have spare time to do social things. I thought about taking dance classes, volunteering at hospitals, and biking once more (once I buy a bike).

By the time my exam results come in, my degree gets conferred, and the license gets processed, it will probably be May when I can actually start being a therapist. By then my class will be over, and we’ll go from there. Of course, I still have my other projects which include the app and book. On the outside, many will say I have a lot of things going on in my life. I do, but it doesn’t feel like it until I realize how long it’s been since I’ve talked to friends. That’s something I want to improve heading into next year is time management. This will most likely mean putting off finding an apartment unless a full-time job comes my way soon. But if the end looks as bright as I envision, then it’ll be worth it. Anyways, my graduation is this Sunday (same day as my birthday), and I’m not looking forward to it. But it’ll be okay, and hopefully good memories will be created. All I know is I’m ready to flip the page to chapter 26. . .


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