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One Last Gift (Chapter One)

I’ve been doing this for a short time it seems: being a spirit that is. I passed about a month ago, due to a drunk driver cutting through a light over on Cherry Ridge. I miss my family dearly. But life can be unfair at times; we all know that. They are in safe hands my friends and family. I will be keeping an eye on them as well. However, something ties both living and deceased that we all must do; give back to someone in need. Just because someone has passed does not mean they still can’t be useful; at least that’s what I’ve learned here. And so, in order to fully move on, I have to give back to someone in my life who has done so much, yet has not had much luck themselves. I don’t get to choose who it is, but it is someone I’ve encountered in my life. Here we go. . .

The anticipation is killing me. Oh wait, nevermind, still getting used to this. Maybe I’ll see my family again in some way! Or my friends! I hope Chelsea and Lauren are doing okay. Okay, don’t get too excited Amy. We’re here to help someone in need, remember? Okay, okay let’s see who’s behind curtain number one. It’s a guy. I can’t quite see his face, but his stature looks very familiar. In fact, this place looks familiar. Wait a minute. . . it’s Chase.

This is who I have to help?! My ex?? No, this has to be a mistake. I-I can’t, seriously, I don’t think this could work. Then again, I was hoping it did when I was living. Before I passed, it was about a year since I’ve seen him; after Chase and I broke up. I knew him since university 3 years ago, and we were friends at first. But all our friends could see how close we had gotten, and soon we just decided to try dating. He was so caring and fun to be around, and it was some of the best moments I can recall. All the adventures, concerts and just learning something new each day with him. And yet at times it felt like something was bothering him, as if he was struggling to take the next step.

A player, he was not, let me make that clear. But he was quite the ladies’ man, as he can get along so well with any woman in his sweet, mysterious way. Jealousy was never an issue though for us, because we both were socialites; able to befriend anyone. So how could I change him if I wasn’t going to change myself? He’s so respectful and honest, and that is how things ended. There was no other woman involved, it was just timing. We both loved each other and, after 4 months dating, I was ready to commit more seriously to a relationship. But I could see the struggle in his eyes: he wanted to say yes but something was hindering him. He was usually open about most things, but his past was one that required more effort to pry out of him.

And so he told me, he needs more time to think. Unfortunately, I was impatient and ended things; thinking maybe that will make him change his mind. He was hurt by it, and we kind of drifted apart after that. We soon reacquainted, but we never discussed it before we both landed jobs that took our careers to different cities. Texting and emailing wouldn’t have been appropriate and, with everything else going on in our lives, we never got the closure we needed. Now we never will I guess. How am I going to help him? I’m not sure, but it looks like he just came back from working out. Well, if I hope to move on I’m going to have to find a way. Alright Chase, what have you been up to?


*this post was inspired by the Christmas movie How Sarah Got Her Wings and being the holiday season I wanted to write a interesting tale about giving back. If well-received, perhaps there will be a second part to it.

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