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Aspirations for 2018

Happy New Year my global friends. Hope all was fun and good for everyone. With a new year comes the common yearly resolutions. I’ve never been one to say “I am going to start doing (this)”, because I don’t like the idea of the new year being the reason we do something. Every day we should be striving for something, not waiting for the new calendar year to roll in to start it. But I do think of ways to take my mistakes the prior year, and work on them the next. I also look at the great moments of last year, and think of other things that I can continue to do.

Last year was about survival in my life, with many ups and downs along with unexpected things both good and bad. It made me think of my past, years ago, where I’ve been in similar situations and kept telling myself if I could make it through that then I can do this. And so I made it through grad school, went through family and friend concerns, saw amazing live shows, internship drama, passed my exam, back into competitive sports, heartbroken by sports teams (again), and other things. Along the way I also kept finding myself, because we are always changing. And this last year really made me think of what kind of man I was to become. Especially near the end of the year did I really think hard about it; even today I still explore what life holds in front of me.

But I keep reminding myself of the life I hope to have down the road, and what I need to do to get there. And as I make new friends around the world, getting interesting perspectives globally, I can’t help but get excited at the idea of one day traveling and perhaps hanging out with them. As I reconnect with current friends who got lost with time, I am eager to see what life has in store for us now that school is over or almost over. We’re in this together, but at the same time this year might be a good time to go on my own. If last year was about surviving hardship, then this year may be about independence. I am now ready to hit the ground running on many things. The long-mentioned app (finally), taking 3 more classes to try and get accepted into medical school, writing two novels, this blog. I also hope to get even more in shape than I have ever been (cliche I know), but I do hope to be more in touch with the outdoors and hopefully I’ll have a dog companion by my side.

I’ve passed my exam, and so now I can find a place to work. By the time my license becomes official, spring will be almost over; which if I take a class I’ll know by then if I’m good enough for med school. If I can secure a higher-paying job, then either I will travel a hell of a lot more or move. But with all of this discussed, this will require me going on my own more. For this is my journey, and I know how far my friends and family are willing to go; in this case not far since it is not in their priority. I will meet new people, who hopefully are positive instead of negative. It will be an interesting year, no doubt, and there will be good and bad moments. I’ve been ready for so long, and today the ball has started to roll. And with a new year comes change, and y’all will notice the new look blog of mine. I think it looks good, and more changes are on the way as well in my life. So here’s to 2018 for all of you. Go out and take chances, and if things don’t go well early on this year it’s okay. Things will get better, and we’re never alone; even if we choose to be independent to pursue our goals. We got this folks. . .

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