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Baby, Where Will You Go?

As I stare at the 18 month old playing on the floor

My mind wanders off into the future

Thinking of what he will become

Praying it goes well for him

For those in this family are cursed

Each in their own unique way


Some are addicts of many things

Others abusers of things and people

Several manipulators tricking the innocent

Lies, drama, debt, disloyalty and more

If we wanted we could run this town

But selfishness runs amok instead


I am not perfect either

Though if anyone has a chance to break the curse

Perhaps I can be the first to do it

Yet as I look upon the infant

Looking at his curious eyes

I just hope he does not grow up helpless

Like I did as I aged in body and soul


He will have his good and bad moments

His mother I know has her issues

The father I hope can hang in there

I’ll do my best kiddo, I’ll try my best

And as I gaze at this boy playing with cars

I can’t help but think once again

About the daughter I dream to have


It’s common to say children change lives

Some even save lives as well

I don’t have any kids and yet

She already saved mine several times

How I hope one day to meet you

Holding your hand, guiding you through life


But then again perhaps it’s best we never meet

I haven’t broken the curse yet

And this little one’s to be determined

I’ve had no luck finding your Mother up to this point

This world’s getting crazier by the year

I’m not like those my age

Can I keep up with this tech-world decades from now?


Yet as I look in his eyes I see possibility 

And that leads me back to you

You can be better than all of us

You’ll have my wisdom, and her strength

My willpower, her passion

My old soul, her adventurous spirit

But that’s if I ever find her that is


Such is life yet in the end that will be okay too

I will be there for this boy whenever I can

All I can do is hope for the best

It’s all we can do for they follow their own beat

But if we do meet one day, my sweet daughter

Thank you

I’ll do my best kiddo, I’ll try my best. . .

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