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Pre-Med School Journey: Registered

It is better to have many options in life, than having nothing at all to work with. And so my time in school once again continues! Today, I have signed up to take organic chemistry 1 (internal screams) this spring semester. . . It starts next Wednesday. So I literally have a week to give myself a crash-course on all things chemistry again. Steven, why not wait till summer to take it and be better prepared? Well, I honestly thought about doing that, but as I kept talking to my advisor the ball kept rolling. That and I can be impatient at times, and I thought why wait? We all know I probably won’t review between now and May; maybe a little but near the end of May. I want to know right away if I’m cut out for the remaining three classes I need for med school. I have applied to several jobs pertaining to my Master’s degree, but I have yet to hear back from any so far. I do have 5 years to complete my licensing hours and, if you work full-time, it can be done in about a year and a half. So I’m not worried about holding off a semester or two. That doesn’t mean I won’t stop applying, because we should never settle. Always grind for better. I am hoping I don’t end up dropping this course, and I hope I have helpful classmates. This does mean I have to prioritize my life once again. School, work, friends, family, personal time, whatever else I have to plot out. Maybe I’ll buy a planner this time, and actually use it. Thank goodness it’s just one class, but now I have to refresh my memory what it learned like three years ago. . . This will be fun.

4 comments on “Pre-Med School Journey: Registered

  1. Karla says:

    yuck organic chemistry sounds terrible

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    1. Steven Hargis says:

      last time I took the class it was! hopefully this time goes much better haha

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  2. Chloë says:

    Good luck 👍 when would you be applying?

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    1. Steven Hargis says:

      Thanks! It’s going okay so far. And for med school, if all goes well, probably early next year. Not sure I’ll have the time to take the last course and study for the MCAT in time to apply this fall haha


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