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Travel, Be Easier For Us

Maybe it’s nervousness about this new class starting Wednesday. Perhaps it’s trying to balance everything, and making time for everyone. Right now. . . I want to travel so bad. Sunday night as I started typing this, I kept looking at those adult summer camp sites. I went to one a few years ago, and though I didn’t fully experience the best time ever I do miss some of the things there. Making new friends, camp activities, the river, and just being away from the grind of regular life.

I can’t help but think about how much time most of us spend working. For many, 5 out of 7 days we are at work. Out of 24 hours, 7-8 is usually spent sleeping, and then another 8 is spent committed to work. About 9 hours to do what we want, but a part of that is spent on various things. Cooking/Eating can be 1-3 hours, driving to places 1-2, exercising another 1-3 hours, and other things. That can be tv shows, friends, family, etc.. It totally depends on how one allocates their time, yet it’s easy to watch that spare time disappear.

Of course, there are the outliers on both sides. The ones who work more hours, or more days. The ones who don’t work so much, whether from being jobless or living in luxury. Yet for many, we simply don’t have much time to relax and travel. And when we do, it’s for maybe a week at a time; unless you work at a place that allows long stays on break. Culturally, I know some countries encourage people to take a break and travel. Here in Western society, not as much. For example, teachers usually get the summer off, yet I never hear many go off on trips; even the ones without families to take care of.

Personally, I’ve never been a cruise type of person. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to be on boats but to spend most of my time doing things on a boat that I could do on land, and only visit places briefly on the itinerary, it just doesn’t sound appealing to me. 3 days, 2 nights kind of trips are okay but, for far-away visits, it’s simply not enough. I’m the type of person to do anti-tourist things. I want to do things locals do and find hidden gems, and connect with the people; as if I’ve lived there before. That’s like over a weeks’ worth of exploring, but again here it’s hard to earn that time. This is coming from a part-time perspective, as full-time has it a bit easier. Still, the way things are here, it’s as if we can only afford a trip once, maybe twice a year. How much of the world can we truly explore with that?

Now if we’re able to visit our top destinations at least, then that’s great. But there are so many other beautiful locales not many people think of seeing initially. I’ve mentioned this before, but a part of me has thought about just packing a bag and going. Walking or hitchhiking my way to different towns, states, countries. Taking with me only what I needed, and relying on the kindness of strangers for a place to stay. Glass half-full people will say “Hell yeah that sounds interesting!”, while glass half-empty will say “What if someone robs you or murders you?”. Fear of the unknown is what can hold many people back from doing things, but I’m more afraid of living a life unfulfilled. Yet doing something such as this would mean discovering my independence, never settling, and gambling on people willing to trust the unknown. Travels aside, isn’t that what we do normally in life?

For some, living a simple life staying at home, watching the world pass them by, is their preference. That is what makes them happy, and I’m okay with that. But I will always encourage others to at least dip that pinky toe into the pool and see something new. I want to live in a world of “oh well” than a world of “what if”. The way society is built though, it can be hard to explore without sacrificing something. When it’s my time to go, I want to be remembered for what I did. “That man was an adventurer.” “He made the most of his time.” “He helped many people.” Instead of things like: “That man knew how to handle people’s insurance policies” “He made a difference sorting those budget reports”. No disrespect to those who do that. It’s hard seeing many, both close and afar, work jobs that are unsatisfying yet must be done to get by in life. For some, it’s their livelihood.

There has to be a way to improve the way society operates in this fashion. We spend so much time doing things for others, and only have little time for ourselves. Bitcoin is doing something I knew for many years, and I believe I briefly mentioned in an older post. It’s simplifying a construct, people from the past created, to have society function in some way that was deemed workable. In this case it’s money, and how it’s eliminating different countries’ values and such. While Bitcoin’s still working itself out, the fact that someone came up with this idea will lead to other ideas: can someone simplify work/time/travel in society?

Technology is getting better, people are online more and more, and soon jobs will use both more and people less. Either new, creative positions will arise or many will be searching for jobs in a world with rising population. Survival of the fittest never ends. It might be simpler if we moved out to areas that are not popular. For us in the United States, y’all know what States and areas are not popular to live in. But the appeal of Chicago, LA, NY, Miami, etc. can be too hard for some to pass up unless we convert this new small town into the next metropolis.

I guess the whole point of this food for thought is that there has to be a way to update how things go in this world. There are many people, on tv/movies/youtube and in real life we may know, who are making way too much money doing nothing while others are working 3 jobs to try and provide for their child. Others who take for granted their travels, while some may only see the world through books and photos online. If only travel wasn’t so expensive. If only we were afforded more time to explore nature’s wonders. Maybe I should find a job with airlines that allows me to travel. Things will improve, I know this, since we’ve changed so much just from 100 years ago. And I know I’ll travel to at least the main places I dreamt of seeing. In the end, what I hope people will say about me when I go is simply: “He had fun.”

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