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One Last Gift (Chapter Four)

Sara Tovar. I thought you left this town?! Ugh, she’s lucky I am just a spirit right now. I grew up with Sara since middle school all the way to university. She was okay when we were little, but then came high school when she became popular for her. . . assets. And boy, did she love the attention. I never forgave her for stealing the attention of the guy I crushed on in 10th grade. In college, she was well-acquainted with many in the dormitories. By the time she was 21, she had her one and only child. Cute baby no doubt, but his mother didn’t last long in the first marriage.

Around the time we graduated, she was going through divorce. Now more than ever would she go from guy to guy to guy having her fun. Rumor has it, she stumbled into some white powder as well. She did disappear for some time, which I’m guessing was to attend rehab. I may not like her, but I’m glad she got help for that. Perhaps the drunk man who took my life is also seeking help; at least I hope. Why wasn’t I tasked with helping him? I should see what happened to him soon. Well, after a few years, being a single mother can be tough as it was for Sara. And that’s when she used her looks one last time: she went and found a rich, older man.

Everyone has their own views on such dynamics, but I always say live and let live. After university, I never bothered staying in touch with her. I like to keep positive people around me, and life is too short to peek into others’ lives constantly. But as I gazed upon her again, years later, I see her left hand doesn’t contain a ring. I wonder what happened. Then again, to see her here at this place working should’ve told me that also. I guess living the wealthy life isn’t worth sacrificing happiness; whatever it may have been for her. Why Chase though?! Why Sara why?!? And while Amy pondered for a bit, Sara was putting the moves on Chase in front of his new friends.

“So you just moved back to town? Have these guys been good to you?”, Sara joked. “Yes, of course! They’re a wonderful group of folks”, he responded. Upon which Darren chimed in, “The best group!”. Slight laughter broke out at the table, but Chase got the feeling the group was annoyed by her presence. After a few more exchanges, she took a few more drink orders from them and then walked away. Upon her exit, some rolled their eyes; as if they were relieved to see her go. Chase’s expression suggested someone fill him in on what he is missing. That is when Talia said, “She can be really annoying, and not stop talking about herself!”. “But whenever there’s someone new, the focus shifts to them”, Darren added. “And if it’s quite a handsome guy, like you, she is very interested in finding things out”, Melanie coyishly remarked. Marco concluded, “We’ll tell you more later Chase”.

From afar, Amy could see Sara glancing over at Chase; smiling and hoping to get to know him better. “Amy! You’re a spirit! Don’t we get some sort of super powers or something?!”, she asked herself. As the festivities were coming to a close, Sara took over waiting duties, and was bringing over the checks for their dinner and drinks. “Okay here are your checks!”, Sara announced. And as she collected their payments, left to finish the transfers, she came back but Amy had an idea. “And last, but certainly not least, the cute new guy in town!”, Sara flirtatiously said as she handed Chase his credit card. He modestly replied his thanks. As Sara was about to say something, and Chase’s friends were getting up from the table, a big gust of wind blew in from out of nowhere. On the table, there were a few drinks that were left unfinished that spilled onto Sara’s work outfit.

“Ah damnit!!”, she cried out. “Oh here, let me help”, Marco politely asked. Meanwhile, the other women tried to hide their smiles as Sara kindly refused his offer. “It’s okay. It’s okay, just nature’s way of saying time to go!”, the waitress laughed, “But before you go, sir, I want you to have this!”. She handed Chase the receipt, but on the back was her phone number. “Hope to show you around town soon, new guy”, she subtly winked towards him as she walked away, “You guys take care! Can’t wait to see you all again”. Amy, frustrated with the end result, realized this won’t be easy; helping Chase, that is. “Well, Amy – 1 and Sara – 0”, she told herself, “Now I just need to not let this date happen”. It’s one thing to stop a date, but what could replace it? As she pondered this, she saw the group walking back to their cars when a stranger’s dog broke off their leash and ran into the streets. With a car incoming, nearly about to hit the innocent animal, someone else dove in to save it in time. “Oh my god! Thank you so much!!!”, the stranger said to their hero. With their adorable, recognizable southern U.S. accent, the hero replied while nurturing the dog, “No problem! I’m just happy this little guy is safe and sound!”.

Amy saw the whole thing and, as everyone else began heading home, she couldn’t help but ask herself, “What about Melanie?”

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