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Pre-Med School Journey: River

Like a river, you go with the flow. Some parts will be sunny, while other parts will be dark. Since last Wednesday, I’ve gone through all sorts of emotions. It was quite bad last Thursday, and especially Friday. After class last week, I was feeling uneasy with uncertainty about how I’ll do in this class. A small tiff with a dear friend the next day, sent my mood more south. And then Friday, I get in trouble at work for not doing my job properly. It was not serious trouble, just encouragement to please do better, but I felt like crap the rest of the day. Around that time, and earlier this week, my almost 2-year old nephew’s sleep cycle went out of sync and he kept me up much later at night. I’m already not a morning person to begin with, and running on like 4-5 hours sleep and feeling down to add to that. . . It wasn’t pretty. And so Friday night, I believe I laid in a ball in my room wanting to go on a trip anywhere. Away from school, family, work, and everything. Saturday and Sunday were better, as the river started to calm again. Monday night’s class went better, though I was worried about finishing my homework and lab in time. And so tonight class happened. Lab went well, and lecture the same. I believe I did quite well on both quizzes! Unfortunately, my lecture teacher told me I got some homework answers wrong, so that sucked to hear. At least he didn’t say that for a test yet! But I’ve been feeling better, because class is going okay so far. I keep reminding myself that I made it farther than I did four years ago, and I’m starting to talk with more classmates. Hopefully a study group can be formed, because I need that badly. This weekend, I’ll be seeing an NBA game with a friend, and then attending a friend’s sister’s wedding Saturday night. Sunday might see a movie with some more friends, and I must say it feels good to take time to have fun again. It’s been work, work, work in nearly all areas of my life, and it’s taken it’s toll on me. I just graduated grad school, and yet I clearly took no break. The stress just came in another form. But I always remind myself what it’s all for, and even though the river flow was miserable last week it’s been getting better. Keep your support system close folks, they can help you so much while you get your mojo back.

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