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Pre-Med School Journey: Strep Tease

So remember how I hoped things were on the upswing since last week? Yeah, guess who has been sick since this past Monday. . . this guy. I can’t say it’s strep throat for sure, but on Tuesday it felt dry as can be. And then Wednesday, my voice went through it’s deepening phase which always happens whenever I’m either sick or post-concert. Coincidentally, whenever this happens to me, women tell me that I should just stay sick or keep going to concerts. So Wednesday, I’m not joking when I say my voice was almost Barry White-esque; no woman wished me well that day. Today it went away a bit, and now replaced with raspy, phlegm-filled coughing that I just can’t wait to get over.

Anyways, while I deal with that, school has been okay. Classes have been steady, and tonight’s class covered something that I actually knew pretty decently! Maybe I’ll be somewhat alright in this class. Hopefully I can join the study group they have going on, because last weekend socialite-Steven was in full swing. From last Thursday to Tuesday, I went to two NBA games, a wedding with drinks abound, coffee with a friend, visited another friend to catch up, and stayed at a friend’s place for two days because of the wedding. Not much studying was done, which I’ll admit I need to get better at.

The friend I caught up with was a really personal conversation, because not many people ask about my life; in this case my past or my goals. Many people, nowadays it seems, talk about school or work (can get repetitive), or my relationship situations (none of their concern), gossiping/talking about others (seriously?) or small-talkish things. I personally enjoy the deep conversations that can be philosophical or not. I’ll admit though, as much as I try to be more open with people, I’m still fairly private; yet I never give off that appearance. People may know of me, but they don’t know me. For me it takes time, and connection, to just open up even a little bit.

So when this talk happened, I felt vulnerable. But it felt relieving as I drove home to get an old burden off my shoulders. People may offer an ear to listen, which is great, but something to consider isn’t being able to handle what you hear: it’s how you respond to what you hear. In a society where everything is out there for the world to see, keeping some things private isn’t a bad thing; depending on what it is of course. Whether it’s opening up, studying the unknown science matter, my body fighting off sickness, and other things, I’ve been dealing with vulnerability recently. But it felt really good to go out again and relax from all the stresses going on here. I keep telling myself it will all be worth it in the end, but I’ll admit there are times where I wish I had a sign letting me know how much closer I am to my main goal. . .

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