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Pre-Med School Journey: Kindle

It’s Thursday morning here, and I feel so very tired. Now that I’m near full recovery, it is almost mandatory that the sickness be passed on to another person. It appears my almost 2 year old nephew has become the next victim, and last night definitely showed it. As I went to bed last night, excited about today’s office lunch party with good food, I awoke to a coughing, crying baby. I went to bed around midnight, and when I was awoken by that, I thought maybe it was 6:30. . . it was 2:00am.

Despite the cooler weather sticking around here in town, I’ve been feeling better and better. I do have a nagging cough, which can be annoying, but otherwise I’m glad to be over the worst. Now it’s everyone else around me that’s getting sick, whether it’s the baby, my family, coworkers, or classmates. Before last night’s long, miserable sleep-less adventure, things were on the way up. I was getting better, but also everything around me was improving too. Being able to spend more time with friends and family, all the while doing okay in class still.

This past Monday, I was upset because we took a quiz. I felt really good about it, only to realize I completely mixed up several answers. When I saw my grade posted, I instantly knew this quiz would be the one that gets dropped from my final grade; it was that bad. I was nervous heading into last night’s class, thinking the professor would publicly call me out or something like that. Before class started though, I was talking with some classmates, and some of them also did as bad as I did. Not that I was hoping for that, but it felt really good not to be the only one. Lately it feels like my classmates and I are all bonding well, though it’s not like what it was in grad school. Here it’s like we’re all friendly and chatty in class, but once it’s over we go our ways. In grad school, we talked before, during and after class, as well as do things outside of school to bond. A few are trying to get a study and chat group going, which tomorrow I hope to go study with. As for the chat group, I don’t think I’ll be able to since I have no space on my phone to download the app they’re using. I really need to get a new phone.

But slowly I’m starting to see everyone loosen up and mingle, which is good since this is a difficult class and we’ll need each other to get through this. I’m still trying to sort out my social life, because lately I have been feeling the burden of staying in touch with everyone both near and far. I understand the frustration of not hearing from someone after awhile, but at the same time no one can be there every single day necessarily. Sometimes I wish I could just buy a cottage home out near a small town, and just hide from the world. But then I remember my other half wants to explore the world and mingle. . . so I think I should buy many homes in small towns in different countries. Problem solved! Yet it’s better to have people in your life who are there for you in times of need, than not have anyone at all because it’s convenient for you. A fire needs kindle to grow and sustain it’s amazing blaze. My fire was weak a few weeks ago, with everything that was happening, but now it’s burning brighter. Though it may not look like it much right now, I can see where it could go. Brighter, fiery days are coming. I just need to keep hope kindling.

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