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Perspire in the Rain

As I jump rope in the rain

like the fool that I am

I reflect as the breeze kisses me

How amidst the storm rolling in

I am at my most tranquil


How I release my frustrations through sweat

While others struggle with their regret

I could never join a gym, it’s so dreary

Yet amid the calm, grey skies near me

Alone I feel yet I am not exactly


I remember what all of this is for

Why I put myself through this

Others are warm and safe practicing

While Nature and Time I am fighting

As I try to vent out what lies within


Past, present and future all mingle in this moment

What I do here is to fight history while building ahead

Gone are the days of seeing red rain falling on me

There are better ways of feeling free

More than physical weights have been lost here


The clear rain has started to fall harder

Everytime this happens I stop and look up

Arms stretched out and a smile given

This is personal time away from the world

For when the sky opens and the training ends

There always lies a phoenix who has risen. . .

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