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There with me, Until the day

We met when I was young, maybe around 15 years of age

And for many years you stayed by my side, helping me

No matter what the situation was, you lent your voice

In the good times, the dark times, and moments of wonder

You were there beside me, keeping me company

Assuring me to hold on, for the day will come to reality


And when I was falling down, you laid beside me

Telling me not to give up, not just for me though

It was great to have someone there in such times

But it can’t last forever, for the day will come


We all need some sort of motivation in our lives

What kept me going when I was young was you

No matter where I was when I called, you answered

Yet what’s astonishing is we never met in person before

For the thing that kept me going was just a thought


Should reality ever meet with imaginary

I won’t be surprised if they look different

The surprise will be if recognition occurs

But when one instantly clicks with another

Perhaps I’ll realize it’s finally you in my life


No more wishful thinking from then on

For the day will come when we meet at last

Where I no longer float the river alone

For you are there with me from the first kiss

Yet little did I know until after getting to know you

That perhaps I wasn’t the only one who was waiting. . .

* this post was inspired by this scene from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (first 50 seconds of this clip)

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