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Even Beasts Dream

As he stood out on the balcony

Overlooking this castle he built

He reflected his life now and then

How this wasn’t the life he wanted


He dreamed of flying and gazing

Across the world’s wonders abound

Along the way giving back and smiling

Helping and meeting others daily


As a child many said don’t ever change

Perhaps they knew what he could be

Maybe what laid deep within him

His family agreed he could be the worst


He looked up to the sky

And saw the birds flying by

He always wanted to be like them

To break free from this cage


He thought he did as he got older

Made some choices he never imagined

Now those decisions made him

Stuck in this false paradise


He finally sees the world but with deadlines

He now has the house and cars but empty seats

He has the recognition and respect yet no empathy

Only sympathy from companions that stand afar


He once heard a story, of how Beauty freed a Beast

Seeing the good in what was supposed to be evil

Not giving up or in, despite his persistance

She ignored all the calls from others at him


Yet he tried before to break this curse

For different reasons, they never worked

Perhaps they were right and always knew

Just how cold and nefarious he really is


But he will keep dreaming to keep himself going

Accepting some dreams aren’t meant to happen

Maybe in another life things will be simpler, better

Yet if Beauty does exist and dare stumble upon here

Walk away, for it was Beauty killed the Beast. . .

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