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in the Heart of the forest

No, she is no raider of the tombs for treasure

But is one to never back down from adventure

When she heard tales of the forest from others

Her curiosity peaked in knowing more about it


Others cautioned her to be careful going in

For many have tried only to be lost and broken

She was not others though, no, she’s got this

The woman told those who knew about the forest

When she returns she’ll bring with her a gift


So she ventured forth into the unknown

Similar excursions helped her initially

But experiences are always different

This one was unlike any she seen before

Both the forest and she had something in store


The forest is a learning opportunity for many

To know where to improve and understand yourself

A chance to get a glimpse and know what to look for

So when the next journey unfolds into other woods

They will be ready and able to come back victorious


As she walked in she had ample daylight and it was fun

Noticing the wonderful, interesting qualities around her

It lasted a while until she tried to go deeper in the midst

Suddenly the sunlight dimmed and the air chilled a bit

As if the forest was saying it’s time to go back on her way


Clever was she, though, and brought a jacket with her

Packed in her bag was food as well for nourishment

She knew she wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon

The end will be worth it, just try to turn the key

Venturing further she felt something in the ground

A subtle vibration that could be felt in her feet


She was getting closer to the center of this journey finally

Her intellect kept her grounded, tact and aware of what to do

The beauty she has brought warmth to cast away the chilly air

That personality which rarely ventured here stirred the floor

She even sang along the way showing her strength and passion

As if she were a rock rolling among the now pulsating earth


And then she made it to the heart of the forest

The ground lay still and the sunlight rose up

There was the gift that many others sought for

Her key worked as she embraced what she found

It was time to come back to the loved ones

Knowing she did the improbable and was happy


There they were, friends and family, awaiting her

It took what felt like months but was worth it now

Many smiling faces filled with laughter, celebrating

For as she walked out she brought the gift laid within

Suddenly the forest looked so human, free, and she knew

Taking a chance paid off, for she won and opened his heart to love. . .

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