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Pre-Med School Journey: Losses

To those who’ve been around this blog for some time know what I mean when I say curveballs, and since last week it’s been just that: curveballs. I can’t say 2018 has been a terrible year, but so far it hasn’t been a great one. As soon as I start to get into a groove, and know what I have to do, something has tended to appear; completely changing my strategy and schedule. Not that I’m a 100% routine guy, but I like a little familiarity. Always being on the move, and never settling, I was hoping would happen once I traveled instead of every day life.

This past week my sister and family have finally found their own apartment. Now that the my almost 2 year old neighbor is gone, sleep has been more peaceful. Though for two days I only got about 3-4 hour sleeps, which I can’t pinpoint why. But the off-and-on drama is gone in that regards with the nuclear family, however we also lost a family member as well. It was unexpected over the weekend, but all I will say is if you don’t try and work on your issues and demons. . . eventually it may come to get you in the end. Whenever there is a death in the family, that seems to be the only time everyone comes together; if that’s any indication to how connected we are. And this will surely have a ripple effect on other members, that may be negative. But like always, we will manage through this.

Class is trudging along, as I’m already wanting it to end. Not that I hate it, but I’m already looking ahead to summer class. When you’ve been in school as long as I have, with like ZERO breaks, you’re simply just ready to get on with it. And lately I feel like I’m on the outs in class, but not in a bad way. It’s just many don’t work, and so they spend hours at school studying. They form better relationships with other classmates, while a few of us that work only come when it’s time for class. That and they have a group chat on this app I can’t download, because I have no space on my phone, so I know I’m missing out on chats. It’s like undergrad again, where more often than not I have mainly myself to rely on.

Spring break is a week away, and I can’t wait for that needed time away from school. I’ll still be working, but it shouldn’t be busy. With this year being constantly changing, and right now trying to withstand things happening around me, sometimes a break from yourself is needed. And I will always appreciate “me-time” because it’s the only time where I can do things I actually want to do. No worries about if others are interested or not. As I said before, if I could just pack a bag and travel, I would but now’s not the time. I really do need a vacation though. I get the feeling something is about to happen soon. I don’t know what but, if I’m in a boat on the ocean right now, the ocean feels like it’s stirring. Regardless, I can do this, and so full-sail ahead. . .

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