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Pre-Med School Journey: Recharge

Finally, spring break has arrived and I truly needed this. With everything going on from funerals to birthdays, family has been the priority lately and I felt it in my study time. I know I’m slipping behind a little, and perhaps this week off from class will help me catch up. Yet lately I feel something else going on with me. Like I’m ready for the next chapter, whether it’s the next class I’m supposed to take, medical school, a career. . . life? It’s hard to explain, but maybe you might understand what I mean. To make it to about the halfway point of the semester, 5 years from last taking a chem class, and to be holding on to a B is impressive to me. But now we are entering the ugly, tough part that will truly see how much I want this. It’ll soon be time to gauge whether I should sign up for the second of 3 classes in the summer. 10 weeks of non-stop biochem. . . I’m not so sure. It all depends on how I spend this week off. It’ll certainly be studying, but I want to go and catch up on some of the things I wanted to do. Writing is one, but also spend time with friends and do things again! I’d like to get a crack on the app (finally), and do things like get a new bike and/or roller blades. I have this urge to play street hockey, and other things. After next week, sand volleyball starts up and hopefully I’ll be better than before. It’s like my socialite-self is ready to break free from school-self. I’ve been doing this since I was 5, so 21 years of schooling non-stop, and as much as I want to take a break I’ve seen so many stop and have trouble getting into it again. But more and more my wanderlust side wants to break free, get my own place, adopt a dog finally (!), and many other things. It’s like I’m on a train rolling along, and I’m standing in an open door thinking of jumping off on Platform 9 3/4. I’m willing to stay at Hogwarts to fulfill this dream, but I’m also very much ready to leave and make magic of my own in life. . .

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