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Pre-Med School Journey: Spring Break

This week is going by fast! But boy does it feel great to not have to worry about going to class, being there for long hours, and getting stressed from quizzes and homework. From Thursday to Tuesday, it’s been mostly relax-mode. I’ll admit I could have used more time to study, but I’m not sure anyone else has noticed but time has really flown by quicker than normal. I’m still adjusting to this time jump ahead an hour, and I can feel the slight lack of sleep. Even my dreams have been unusual. I almost got attacked by a giant wolf out in the forest. . . someone interpret that! Tomorrow I took a day off from work, away from projects there, to relax/study/attend a concert later that night. It will be great to catch up with friends and enjoy the show. I even bought myself a new bike finally! Should arrive either this weekend or early next week. And the process of applying for a passport is underway. Because it is finally time I took a much needed trip, even if it isn’t until winter or so. And I now know the summer class schedules, and it would seem that I will go back to the school I recently graduated from to take biochemistry. Unfortunately it won’t be till April that I can resolve my issue with registering for that class, but maybe by then I will have a clearer picture about this current class. Finally, I also applied for another job. Full-time one this time, mainly for in the event this class doesn’t turn well and it’s time to move forward with my life. It is always good to have options, and I never sit to dwell. I’ve seen some friends sit and let time pass before ever committing to something, and I just can’t watch life go by. So even if I don’t pass this class, maybe I’ll get this job which will go towards my license. It’ll certainly pay more, allowing me to travel, and enjoy life a little better. It’s a week to rest, but also still be productive. I’m taking care of myself and hopefully it pays off when I resume class next week. . . If not, at least I finally have that darn bike I’ve been saying I’ll get.

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