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On the Riverwalk

The doors to the balcony were open

Allowing the cool air flow through

The water calmly runs outside

And the gondolas going their merry way

What a wonderful life this is indeed


Here I am with just a pair of shorts on

Sitting at a small table near those open doors

Trying my best to enjoy it all right here

Putting this puzzle set together that is

I’m so very close to completing this damn thing


Scotch in my hand and a cigar nearly done

I have been working on this for awhile

Nearly complete just a few more pieces to go

At first it began so easily putting this together

Another gondola goes by with another couple


A few hitches along the way but many pieces fell

Right where they belong and I needed no help

But as I come closer to where I should be done

It’s as if one piece of this puzzle is missing

The wind blew hard as one door closes outside


It’s not possible they should all be here

Not under the table, not in the box

Can’t be out on the balcony nor in the next room

Where the hell is that last piece that I want

More boats, people and music pass by the open door


The scotch is empty and the cigar burnt out

After searching around the room that is my world

That last puzzle piece will never be found it seems

Whatever, I don’t need to complete that part

So I push open the other door and look back out


This was always my favorite view of life

No matter what happens behind me

I at least have this river in front of me

It will keep on rolling like I try to

Slowly putting the final pieces together


I’ve tried to complete this puzzle set before

It always led to the same result of unfinished

All because of that one piece that was hidden

I turn from the balcony doorway to look back

To see another woman bare across the room

I will never find that last piece, will I. . .

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