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Midnite. Drive.

I need to get away from here

I need to collect my thoughts

The night is where I can be open

Where others come to discuss their problems

The songs on the radio play

They’re always at their best at night


During the day these streets are packed

Now freedom roams this late at night

Sometimes home is quiet and serviceable

Other times uncomfortable leading me here

Whether for adventure or soul searching

My answers are found here with my car


Once in a while I’m not alone in my drives

A guest or two may be accompanying me

But in the dark they sleep against the window

They have no concerns like I to think about

From family, to work, to friends, and life

My mind and car races into the unknown to solve


And so I return alone to these streets to ponder

As the street lights zoom past us going the other way

Windows down as the weather is cool and pleasant

The music perfectly capturing my mood in the moment

Lots to explore tonight with my best friend Shelby

I join the others here to drive this long, midnite drive. . .



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