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Pre-Med School Journey: Enigma

This post comes a day or two early, as I will be busy Wednesday night and Thursday night. School is back in session, and I feel more refreshed ready to take on the final portion of the semester. I finally bought a bike, and have finished setting it up. Now I just need to take it out for a spin later this week. A little over halfway through this interesting spring, and I am at a “B” right now. Not too bad I must say, and I think I deserved to treat myself to finally getting a bike. Monday’s class went off without a hitch, as homework and the quiz were moved to Wednesday. The whole class tricked the professor into believing the quiz was on Wednesday. While many of them worry about grades, I know it’s not the end of the world. This next test will be the hardest, but we do have a makeup exam at the end of the semester.

And though an “A” would be nice, and achievable, I won’t be upset with a “B”. And I’ve read stories on the internet of how some people got into med school with a “C” or two. I’ve already looked into summer classes, and tried to call about it but I might have to do it in person instead. It’s looking more and more likely that I will be going to be taking biochemistry at my most recent alma mater. I’m happy though, because I may not be alone in that class. As I continue getting to know some classmates here, I think I found at least one who’s on the same path as me. Same classes needed too, and so it would be a little relief to have a familiar face in my remaining classes. But I will also tell you all, that I also applied to several full-time jobs that would pertain to my Master’s. Not that I’m giving up on this, but if worst comes to worst it’s good to have a backup plan. I don’t think I have it in me to afford (mentally/physically) re-taking any of these 3 classes I need. I knew back in January that these 3 classes will all be in one-go; whether I’m ready or not.

So far, it’s going okay and I will always appreciate the support the few friends who know about this have given me. With the bike in my hands, I hope to be even more active as it’s been hard with this class/getting flu-like sick/family death have changed my normal routine. I also will be playing sand volleyball at work Thursdays starting this week, and I am so ready for that. Tomorrow, I leave home at 8:15am and won’t come back till around 11:30pm because of work, school and then a basketball game. Which is why I’m posting this today rather than late this week. We’ll see how those job applications go, since some of them are in another city across the state, and I’ll keep you posted on that. Back on the grind now, and if things were interesting in the first half of the semester, this next month and a half will be even more intriguing. . .

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