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Pre-Med School Journey: Setback

This morning I got my results back for exam #2: not good. Not good at all. And it feels so disappointing because I truly thought I did at least okay; maybe in the 80’s. And so now I have a decision to make: keep going or hang up my cleats and walk off into the sunset finally. Deadline to withdraw is next Friday, and as we discussed I don’t think I have it in me to go the re-taking path. Most of my grades required to get in are in the B’s, whereas the people I’ll be competing with have mostly A’s and impeccable resumes. Financially, I maybe could afford it. But I also don’t want to throw money at school for the rest of my life on classes I shouldn’t have to re-take. One classmate is going to re-try in the summer, but scheduling-wise it conflicts with work. There’s one more exam, and then a makeup exam for an exam I did bad on, and then the final. So there is a chance, but if I did okay on exam one and terrible on exam two. . . Is it worth it? I have a week to decide what will happen next, and in the meantime today is another long day; perhaps the last.

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