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All in Vain

It wasn’t my choice at all

I wish things were different

How could they be though

Not unless I give up who I am

I wasn’t always like this you know

If I were a number lets round up

Then one day I said lets go very low

Cute became dashing in months

Known suddenly was reality

And with it their reactions changed


No longer was the mind my appeal

But other muscles as if made of steel

Add the interests and talents instilled

My ability with words to turn a phrase

Apparently the gentleman now became a threat

The taken fear attraction and disloyalty

Not many will stay or they’ll remain distant

The independents wanted too fast or only fun

And if I didn’t give them what they wanted

Frustration ensued and they vanish to the next


All I wanted was good conversation and company

To be so trusting now was not to be trusted

Many fear an honest discussion that can help

But instead run and focus on their own self

Some may stay in touch but won’t hang out much

Until the One shows up that can be given a ring

It’s frustrating for me as I will admit that in the end

Right now what I’d like and all I wanted was just a friend. . .

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