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Pre-Med School Journey: Risen

Once again, I find myself slacking on the posting. Much has happened since last time I blogged. To sum it up, I almost gave up on this class. I talked with the professor last Wednesday about dropping it, but he encouraged me to stay. Given that there is only 3-4 weeks left. Many of my friends from other countries also encouraged me to stay, and I;m thankful for them. My friends here have been so busy with their lives at school, trying to establish careers, and taking care of family, I will admit time has been lost trying to stay in touch. I should really pick up the phone. It’s funny how it’s always that response by both parties: I didn’t want to bother you. Maybe I’ll write more about friendships one day soon when I have more time. But I am still in this class after much thought-processing. My passion for medicine is the same as my many other passions, which are all high. As my boss likes to call me, I’m a renaissance man who likes to do many things. It’s beneficial to have many interests and not focus too much on one thing.

I guess one of the things that worried me was that if I pursue this then I won’t be free until I’m around my mid-to-late 30’s. Nothing but studying, studying and studying. So much time will pass, and I won’t be able to go out much. Traveling passions may be limited. But even though inside, I feel old, I might as well use my youth to build towards the future. I don’t have children, debt, a partner, or other things to be concerned with right now. Just friends and small family. I’m just taking one class, but I can see how hard it is to stay in touch with friends near and far. Some expressing sadness that we don’t talk as much anymore. It will only get worse if I get into med school. But the friends made in med school may be amazing as well. I don’t want to look too far ahead since that’s not another 2 years away perhaps.

So I just need to do okay the rest of the way. Once the semester ends, I’ll be rewarded with a second row seat to a concert I can’t wait for as well as a entire summer off for the first time in maybe 3-4 years (technically not since I was 18 but that’s another story). I also have the chance to follow a surgeon this summer, which should be interesting, and I applied to volunteer at one of those adult summer camps. For helping with luggage and other chores, I’m rewarded with a free weekend at camp ($600 worth trip). . . sign me up! Plus it’ll be another thing to add to my CV; I need to start adding to that. Life is strange, we all know that, and people will come and go. They teach us many things both good and bad. Though my friends here are busy, I will see them one day again but also meet new people here. And for my international friends, they truly show that no matter the language, distance, and culture, we are alike. We are there for each other, because we understand what they are going through and show support in times that we need it. No matter how far they may be, they are there. If only travel wasn’t so expensive but life, uh, has a way. . . and so I’m back. Ready to finish strong as we head to summer.

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