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Let’s Explore and Think

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted in another category, but I’ve been thinking about life. I’ve briefly touched on them before, but I really wanted to delve into life expectancy and what is important in life. For some it’s money, others family and friends, and anything and everything else that the world has to offer. Those who’ve been around my blog for some time will know mine is travel and friends. Just like anyone else’s, but priority-wise mine is at the top. As we get older, most will have the chance to travel to some degree; around their state, to another state, or even other countries. We develop favorites in places we go: restaurants, places to stay, shopping, etc.. But sometimes those favorites may hold us back from seeing other places. Often times I hear my friends saying they’ll be making yet another trip to (insert destination), and though I’m sure it’s nice there. . . there are other places out there in the world one can explore.

When I talk to people who live in other countries, they say when/if they visit they will see New York, Cali, or Florida. I smile and say that they will enjoy it there, but secretly I roll my eyes because like the rest of us Americans know. . . there’s a whole lot more to see than those cities. But it depends on who one is and what they prefer, and the same can be said abroad for us too. Many want to go to Paris, London, Tokyo, Rome, etc. yet locals there may roll their eyes and think of how other towns in their country are more interesting. But the way society is built, we will never see the whole world sadly; unless we’re paid to do so. We work majority of the year, and we are rewarded(!!!!). . . with about 3 weeks of vacation. Does that sound right? No, but if we spent most of life being carefree, and not working, I guess not much will be accomplished. There has to be a median though, because 3 weeks is not enough.

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As I think about life and what I’m going to do, this weekend I watched the movie Click starring Adam Sandler. The moral of the story is that family/friends come first rather than work; the same thing was said in this season’s final of The Flash. Because Sandler’s character spent so much of his time working to get more money and recognition, he lost his family and missed so many moments. It hit home to me as, many of you know, I contemplate what I’ll be doing with my own life. I want to help people as best I can, and medicine is one pathway. Though I’m not die-hard passionate about it, thank you chemistry for that, I kept telling myself that I would love it once I get into it. But then I think of all the years studying which will mean moments missed with family, friends and others. How once I’m done, I’ll want to start a family immediately because I don’t want to be an “older” parent. No disrespect to those out there who are, as my parents are too, but I want to be able to keep up with them and still be around if they have grandkids. I spent many days teaching my parents the ways of computers, cell phones and other things. . . I don’t really want to go through that myself at 60 trying to keep up with teens.

But if I do that, I wouldn’t have time for myself after finally being done with school. My whole life has been school and work, and no me-time to explore the world. Not that kids are a burden, but it’s much harder to do what you want than it would be on your own or with a significant other. Dating can be done during that time, but during such a stressful time it’d take a special gal to understand. But most importantly, if I go down this route I’ll always be torn between home and work. On-call and needing to go. It varies depending Image result for married to workon what specialty, true, but for the most part sacrifices will be made. Some can do it while others can’t. Many of you out there are also going through such crisis. I’ve read it online. The pros and cons of going into this field, studying that major, and things like that.

There were happy tales and regret written in many of them. From “what the heck do I do with a history major” to “regret going into pharmacy” and so many others. Truthfully, every major is flawed. Science, business and engineering are not the top dogs whether they think it or not. If med school doesn’t work, that bio degree may lead to working only in labs. Business and marketing isn’t always what it seems on television, and engineering could mean long hours working on a project behind a desk well into the night. Computers are the future, and those in that field are paid nicely. But it’s not hard to see how it’s affected us as humans in how we interact with each other. Every major has it’s pros and cons, and perhaps it’s best if people double majored rather than hitch their wagon on one thing. We usually never end up where we thought we would be no matter how hard we try.

If we work hard and keep trying, we can get the job we want, but it will take sacrifice too; even if it means moving far away. I, too, thought about that as I’ve looked at jobs in Europe and Australia before. But often times it’s scary jumping into the unknown; especially if we’re going alone on the ride. Yet talking with my friends here recently, and thinking about the movie, I realize that sometimes you just have to let it happen. Life flies by, we don’t know if there’s life after life, and we do what we can in an imperfect world to be happy. We prioritize what’s important and plan accordingly, but sometimes we have to be unexpected.

Because for many of us, life follows a path: school, then work, and family tied into it. School is varied, but then we work; good jobs, crappy jobs, career jobs, in-between jobs. And family is around that, whether it’s the one we’re born into, the unrelated one that we meet, and the one we may create someday. I found out recently that my sister is pregnant with her 2nd child, and though I’m happy for her I know it will be difficult. A husband trying to get citizenship here, she’s working a job that clearly won’t single-handily support a family, and can’t handle stress at all and shows it with her current child. . . I think about all of you around the world is similar situations. Struggling, but persevering. Truthfully, we don’t need to make a lot of money to live; so long as we know how to spend it and save. It’d be nice to have more than we need, but we also must remember that we don’t live long. Memories>Materials. At least to some of us, but to those thirsty for the dollar bills, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

As long as we have family, friends, hope. . . We can make maybe $50,000 and be happy the rest of our lives. It’s all about knowing what’s important to you. I wish there was a way to change the system that would allow us to explore more, because there are amazing things and people out there; such as you. But it’s hard to know that when we’re buried under our work and other things. We work for a better life, and certainly there will always be those who want to be top of the mountain; but it’s a lonely spot up there. It takes a team to win a ring, whether creating something that will help society or just friends spending time together. There’s more to life than that 4.0 GPA, or owning that Image result for friends and familymansion with the Lambo in the driveway. I guess what I’m really trying to say is, even if life is not going how you’d hoped it would, hang in there. Some may have to focus more on work than family right now, but don’t let it last forever. Be there for your family and friends, because you only have one of them. You can’t replace people, you can only add a new character to your story. Above all, try to enjoy the ride as best you can and don’t be scared to get out of your comfort zone. We live only once, as far as we know, so remember what is important. . .

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