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City of Stars

They say aim for the stars, that way if you fall down, at least you’ll land on the moon.

But some want more than Stars. They want what’s beyond the City. As did she.

She met him before all that she had was there. Before the glitz and glam came.

They were just struggling students aspiring to become successful. Together.

Studying abroad, going on roadtrips and enjoying life. He loved exploring the world.

Soon they graduated, and off she went to start her career. He was still studying.

“Oh a future doctor! Don’t let go of this one”, her friends and family would say with a wink and a smile.

She didn’t plan on this one slipping away either. The perfect package. The perfect life.

A few years passed, and he began his residency. It wasn’t easy, but they persevered.

Thank goodness they’ve known each other for years. Not just started dating.

What little time they had they spent together; just like they did back in university.

Finally, school was over. The light at the end of the tunnel drew near. At least she hoped.

A few more years were needed to pay off the debts from school. But she helped him.

Encouragement and all good things were given. Her knowing life will go grand soon.

Family and friends harassing her, “When are you getting married? When’s the baby?”

She too wanted that. So did he, that family-oriented man. But he couldn’t right now.

He’s on-call at the hospital. He was a man for the people. Not the man simply for her.

Something changed. She didn’t know what exactly, but he wasn’t the same anymore.

Needs weren’t being met from both sides, as the idea of the wandering eye opened.

Dates felt more obligatory than intimate. Conversations were about work not loved ones.

Travel were not frequent and his wanderlust faded. Only traveled if necessary.

Wedding bells rang, and for a moment everything was spectacular. All was forgotten.

No longer in debt, and the remaining rewards were flowing through. Good times rolling.

The nice house in a gated community. The cars that didn’t need repairs. The investments.

While she was taking trips with friends, he was logging the hours. She missed him so.

But it was all for a good cause, she told herself. Provide a big nest for the children soon.

Where will he be when the kids are around? How many birthdays might he miss?

That and more laid on her mind, as her family badgered more about the day it happens.

Work and accolades took precedence more, as he wanted to be at the top before settling.

Young they were no more, already 42, and still nothing. She tried to get pregnant.

Finally one day, she found out she was. Except the baby didn’t make it. Her only baby.

She fell into depression, while he was called back into work. The cycle hit on repeat.

Life was so different from the 20’s to 40’s. Was time wasted? What happened to them?

For the encouragement to be successful can change anyone, and affect any relationship.

Whether from one’s self, family, friends or others. . . People forget the cost of success.

In the end he was married to his work, and there was nothing she can do about it.

Mistakes were made, time was lost, and life must move forward. Family and friends did.

Dreams were followed. But like people, dreams can change too. It was all over. Love lost.

She dreamed of the universe, not just stars, and came crashing hard. As did the divorce.

Others in similar situations may have had life go differently for them. They settled for it.

Yet it still wasn’t as cheerful and available as they may have thought. But they can brag.

It’s okay to follow one’s dreams, but sacrifices will be made. No matter what.

Remember what is important, because if the wrong things are what matter, like status,

Inevitably one will fall past the City of Stars, and crash into the Sea of Change. . .

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