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It was all just. . .

The sun cascaded through the opening

Onto the tile floor where he sat thinking

Eyes staring down but looking beyond that

Hunched over he closed those eyes for a moment

And then he opened them again as if new


There was the ocean waves crashing outside again

He looked out to his left as the gentle breeze blew in

A beautiful day to leave the doors open here

The curtains on the doors moving along with the wind

He is so happy to have this home by the sea

What a view it was indeed


The sunset was happening and it is always such a sight

Changing the colors of the sky and the water

It draped the red clay-colored walls perfectly

The sights and sounds of it all were combined with smell

As he could sense the aroma of the fine restaurant nearby

All the hard work finally has paid off for him


He sat there smiling in his Spanish house off the coast

Soaking it all in before getting ready for the night to come

No more worries and can finally breathe with a smile

One last look again, he thought, one last look before I go

And he did, and it was good, the thought of all of this

He hunched over again, smiling, before his mouth straightened

And he opened his eyes once more to the view in front of him


And there he sat on his toilet in his cramped bathroom

The hot, afternoon sun beaming onto the turquoise marble tile

Rather than doors there was a small window too high up to look out

The view wouldn’t have been worth it anyway to him

Barely getting by with money, his home is not pleasant to look at

No time for travel, with escape no where in sight right now

Hoping, even praying, that one day his visions turn to reality

But until then, he knows that it was all just. . . a dream.

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