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The Man of West Egg

The Light over yonder, across the bay

He always saw it at night glowing so bright

Everyone around town knew of him

Heard the rumors and always wondered

Yet no one actually knew of him

What they knew was he knew others

And that he is someone you want to be connected to

Not personally, just use him if you can


It felt like every weekend there was a party

At least that’s what many of the rumors said

People believed most of them that he wanted something

Was it a good lay? Some sort of connection? What?

As the town whispered, the parties went on

The loud chatter, the music louder happening

Yet one thing always was calm amidst it all

The light across the bay he looked at every night


He heard all the gossip the people spoke of him

Smirking while shaking his head at each one

Every rumor has some grain of truth however

He was indeed looking for something

In fact it was ever since he was a young boy

When the world around him was dark

He saw a glimmer of light to guide him through

And so he began searching for that who illuminated


It wasn’t Violet who was stunning yet cold

Nor was it Rose who was like any other name

It was not Lily, sweet but would not grow up

Just like Holly, except she was more rough

Jasmine was harsh and would not compromise

While Ivy and Iris simply wanted a status rise

Every night he will stand at the end of the dock

Looking out at the light and the stars waiting


He was well aware of what made him so appealing, so Great

The wealth and house he stumbled upon not so long ago

The carefree attitude for life while knowing what matters

The many travels and adventures he always seems to go on

All the knowledge he knows and the hobbies he enjoys

Dancing, music, horseback riding, boating, cars

You name it and he more than likely does it or will do

And yet there’s something he hasn’t done yet always wanted


He never knew what it is like to simply fall in love

But all these years later he has never given up

While others may have dropped it and settled in the end

Nay persistent he was with a willpower like no other

In his heart he felt he has met her before, maybe in his dreams

Regardless, no matter how lonely he may feel at times here

Even in a crowded home in the midst of another party

He will keep searching using that light across the bay

Knowing that somewhere out there, he has yet to meet Daisy. . .

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