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A Ball, A Surgery, and the World

It’s Monday, and here I am sitting in my office at work. . . with the World Cup on one computer screen and “work stuff” on the other (more visible) screen. It’s that time of year where I get excited watching this event. I wasn’t always into sports until I reached high school, but a concept like the World Cup always fascinated me how one thing can unite so many. The next one will be in Qatar, which I hope to maybe one day go to. My sister used to live there with her husband and kid, so maybe they’ll be up to going back there in 4 years. Show my nephew where he was born, of course!

Then I look ahead to 2026, when the Cup makes it’s way over to my country along with Canada and Mexico. That I am so excited about, and will definitely plan to go to a game or two when it comes here. I hope it’ll be near my state/city but if it’s somewhere like Chicago, New Orleans or Mexico City then a road trip I would not mind at all. And as I think about the possibilities 4 years from now, 8 years from now, I will be 30 and 34 years old respectively. By then I hope to travel to many places, and that starts with the passport.

Image result for 2026 world cup

Here’s hoping some games will be in Texas

I’ve had opportunities in the past to get one, but one way or another something always happened where my dreams of boarding a plane eluded me. So yes, I’ve never been on a plan yet. Do I dread riding in coach? Not really, I feel as long as I have a window seat I’ll be okay. I’m not one who needs to go to the bathroom constantly, and I despise being scrunched in between two people. I always sit at the end of aisles for concerts and classes. So I’m excited as I try to complete my passport documents, which I hope to submit by the end of the week!

In the meantime, travel right now isn’t wise as I am in the process of 4 surgeries. It’s nothing major, just oral, where they are fixing what my braces may have done to me back when I was a teen. The first surgery was this past Friday, and it went pretty well. Not much pain, and I’m not bleeding much. The only annoying thing is eating on one side of the mouth though, and I can’t do many activities that risk my mouth being affected harshly. I wish this part was over with, but we’re only getting started. I want to assume the remaining 3 surgeries will be one per month; hopefully. So I might be done in September, which by then my passport should have arrived.

All the while, the job search continues. I keep getting this feeling that I will get a call soon to a job I least suspected of getting; perhaps out of state? I’m not sure, but I feel very optimistic lately as if great changes are on the horizon. While I recover for the foreseeable future, a book will soon be on it’s way allowing me to finally explore, which may provide new working opportunities and the chance to connect with others globally. But for now, I sit here in my chair waiting for that moment to arrive as I watch a sporting event that truly does bring us all together. . .Image result for passport travel


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